It’s a family joke that I nudge the World Traveler and say “can you stop breathing so I can fall asleep”. It’s sad to admit his breathing wakes me (he doesn’t snore).  This house is SO quiet that air coming out of the vent around 2AM wakes me – you  can imagine how foreign hotel sounds keep me up (and my Dad’s snoring).  I didn’t sleep on my fortnight in England.

Why share this story? I was beyond exhausted and jetlagged last week, I wasn’t my usual self.  Today I feel I can say that I have recovered from body fatigue and brain fog (ha).  My dad’s still talking about Oxford/London which is the sign of a good vacation.  He’s busy organizing photos to make a memory book, and looks through the photos on his iphone a few times a day.  So sweet.

Starbucks: Yesterday I drove 2 1/2 hours, to New Haven (CT), for a Frappuccino.

I wanted hours there, to explore, walk the campus, window shop the rows of stores (maybe find an amazing bookstore).  I’m trying to explore within three hours of home and Yale has been on my must see list so I decided to drive there at 1PM, for a day trip.   I didn’t think this through…

The GPS took us across the George Washington Bridge, through NYC, up 95 to New Haven (translation… traffic!).  This added almost an hour to our trip but we had time to drive through campus, and get Starbucks before driving home, via the Tappen Zee (Sleepy Hallow).  We left the house at 1:30, arrived at Yale around 4PM, left at 5PM, home by 6:50, greeted by hungry dogs. I will go back in the spring.  There are some good stores to explore up there!

Dogs: Lily, the puppy, must have a terrible stomach ache today.  She ate most of a bar of Sabon body butter (lotion, the size of a large bar of soap).  The guess the mint scent was too much for her – she’s a smart one… it was on the closet shelf, at least four feet off the ground.

She discovered ‘mint chip’ flavored gum a few months ago and is on a quest to find my secret stash.  She’s lucky she is so cute. 😉

Today: I have missed these days… so I’m thrilled to say today is a typical “me day”. Starting with a six mile hike at Jockey Hallow, a long chat with my Dad, and completed a french lesson. I also started a painting project.

Running: 21 miles this week / 88 for the month

Reading: When Wings Expand: I’m enjoying this book – it’s a heartfelt story filled with culture (synopsis just below this post)

Listening to: I’m catching up with my favorite podcasts, and a few new ones I discovered on vacation.

Excited to: work on a few small decorating projects.  Watch for before/after photos in a few weeks!

Do you have any exciting plans this week?  I would like to see a movie, do you have any recommendations?  The last movie I saw was The Welldigger’s Daughter (French with subtitles, I enjoyed it).

Have a wonderful week!

Life: bits and bites…

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