Cats have always been one of the most adorable pets and what make them unique is their behavior and their way of living their lives. They are quite different from the rest of the pets – they have their uniqueness and they are so adorable that you cannot get enough of them. And the love of your cat is way too precious and only a cat owner can understand how hard it is to cope without that little devil in the house around.

Losing your cat is unbearable and the grief you go through cannot be explained in words. Here is why we have come up with a few practical ways to deal with the loss of your cat –

  1. Celebrate your cat’s life – Celebrate your cat’s whole life. Put beautiful pictures of your cat and the times you have spent together. Celebrate and honor each moments you have spent with your cat – those funny things you both did – those “cattish” tantrums your cats have thrown on you – those lovely memories you guys had – the love you have shared with your cat – celebrate every single thing in your cat’s life.
  2. Find people who really understand – Talk with someone who shares the same kind of love affection for cats just as much as you do. Not everyone is a cat fan so you cannot possibly expect everyone to understand your pain. I am sure you will be really hurt if someone says “it’s only a cat; get over it” and I am sure as hell you won’t take it well as it wasn’t merely a cat for you. It was much more than that. So talk to someone who really understands your pain.
  3. Take some time alone – Yes; you need it desperately. Spend some time alone. Talk to yourself. Relieve the memories. If you need someone to talk to, then talk. Understand yourself. Know what you need.
  4. Understand your grief process – Before you start your grieving process, understand it. What kind of emotions are you feeling right now? Is it grief, anger, depression or is it guilt. If you are feeling something right now, then you might feel something at the other moment; the process keeps going up and down. It is normal and absolutely fine.
  5. Relax – Relax yourself. It is very important for you to relax yourself and make sure you don’t lose it. Take long breathe; stop crying for a few minutes; tap yourself and say “its fine”; it’s absolutely fine.
  6. Honor your grief – That grief you have inside you for your cat is divine. It is because you loved him or her so much that you don’t want let it go. Honor the grief. Your cat deserves it. You can even purchase cat memorial stones

There are so many ways you can take care of yourself when you are unable to cope with the grief. At least you can adopt a new cat and give it shelter, love and food. That is a noble cause you will do for your deceased cat.

Things You Should Do After Your Cat Dies

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